Guitar Week 8

In this video I will be demonstrating my progress with the following:

  • C major and F major 7 continued
  • fingering
  • B major 7
  • Two new strumming patterns

Since making this video I have discovered, through my Dad, that the “7” beside F and B major represents the way the chord is played. There are different ways to playing chords and I have been taught the 7th way for F and B.

Creative Practice: Childhood Photos

This past week, while finishing up my Portrait Project, I was looking through my families old photo albums in our office. While flipping pages, I came across the most hilarouis photos of younger versions of my family. From my parents wedding, to their first house, to  my sister and I joining the pictures, and on. What a time I had looking at the past of my family! I was laughing so hard my mom peeked into the office to see what was going on! Then we were both sitting their, on the office floor, surrounded by photos, and laughing our heads off.

Below are a few of the photos:


This is my mom. This was not in the 80’s.



This is my Dad, wondering what the heck he’s supposed to do with the “aquarium” I so proudly made him.



This is my Dad and I but if you look closely you can see my sister drowning in clothes.



And this is my sister with absolotuly no clothes on at all… attacking Mom.



I think my sister prefered nakedness over drowing in clothes… and no, that is not a demon in the pool with her, that would be me.



This is me with my parents and grandparents at the farm that my mom grew up on. We aren’t actually this hick despite what the photo might tell you.


I hope you were able to get a laugh out of this. I love looking at other’s old family photos but now I have my own to look at! I wonder if when I am older and look back to now, if I will laugh just as hard.. Hmm…