Fractus Learning?

I have had so much trouble trying to figure out how all this blogging stuff works, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. To find a suitable RSS reader, I googled “The best RSS readers for educators” and found one that contained lots of info on technology AND education. The RSS reader I chose is called Fractus Learning. Some bloggers that I am following are Nick Grantham, Keith Hamon, and Lisa Bessington. I specifically am intrigued by these bloggers because their posts covers topics including: why we should include technology in the classroom, pros and cons of using technology, how and when to bring technology into the classroom, tips on what types of apps, websites, etc; work well in the classroom, and so on. My favorite source so far is Nick Grantham. Here is a screen shot of his blog:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.46.39 PM

This blog covers so many different topics from simply “What Makes a Good Teacher”, to “What to do When Technology Takes Over”, to “How to Twitter Your School’s Next Big Event”! Every post has a simple yet catchy title and the posts are always exactly what the title makes them out to be. I find that the posts are easy to read, attractive, and helpful. I really like that most of their posts contain a video to further explain the topic using visuals. This blogger has been blogging since at least 2013 and is still posting new blogs about every two weeks.

Overall, I am finding Fractus Learning to be very helpful. It is like the ed. tech. version of Pinterest!



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