Healthy Screen Time

I recently found a twitter post from @MindShiftKQED that discusses the ways parents can allow their children the daily use of technology- tablets, smartphones, television, etc; while also enabling them to learn and keep up with their educational levels and live a healthy life. In the article titled “How to Provide Kids With Screen Time That Supports Learning” (. MindShift | KQED New), MindShift explains that children can benefit from using technology while also avoiding a tech-filled life. To do so, they presented a formula advocated by an author of “Tap, Click, Read: Growing Readers in a World of Screens”, Lisa Guernsey. The formula is called “The Three C’s”:




Content: Parents must first be mindful of the content in the technology that their children are using. Allowing longer uses of educational devices that improve a child’s education is more beneficial than not using that device.

Context: Parents should understand that daily exercise, social engagement, and good sleep should come before the use of technology. Education is important and engaging with the “real world” is vital for proper growth and education.

Child: Parents need to pay attention to how their children responds to technology. If technology before bed is affecting sleep, then technology should be limited to a certain time of day.

Within the article, Mindshift also explains: “Guernsey, who has spent a decade studying how media affects child development, says the research has had a profound impact on her own parenting- particularly the studies around the learning that can take place when families talk about or use media together.” Encouraging parents to get involved with their child’s tech. learning seems to be a key factor. I think this is great because kids have so many opportunities as a result of the technology that their parents never had as kids. Parents get to learn too!

I found this article interesting because as technology becomes more integrated into classrooms, parents may begin to worry that their children are using too much technology. It will be important for parents to understand how beneficial technology can be and the ways that they can help their children get the most out of technology while also living a healthy life!

. MindShift | KQED New. “How to Provide Kids With Screen Time That Supports Learning”

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