Summary of Learning

  Holy crap, these have been some stressful past few days! Where do I even start? First, to make my project, I used a site called Powtoon which allowed me to make a cool cartoon of myself explaining everything I have learned. I loved the site and thought it was super neat. It got a little glitchy... Continue Reading →


Finale to Learning Spanish!

I wish I could have made a vlog for this weeks post but my Summary of Learning Project is taking up too much space... Wow! Learning Spanish has been an incredible experience! Not only is it neat to be able to partially speak another language, but because I have experienced so much of Mexico's culture... Continue Reading →

Verb Goal

At last! I have finally achieved my goal of memorizing all the verbs that I have learned thus far (sort of). It was challenging and took longer than expected but better late than never, right? Fortunately, I found a helpful tip that sped things up a bit. Here is my attempt at saying all the... Continue Reading →

Week 4 of Learning Spanish

This may seem more like week 7 than week 4 but what I may have not mentioned is that each week's lesson has started taking me way longer to learn and I will usually spend 2-3 weeks actually memorizing that weeks lesson, all the while trying to learn the next coming weeks lessons. In other... Continue Reading →

Response to “Sext Up Kids”

While watching "Sext Up Kids" -a short documentary depicting the sexualization of children and the long-lasting effects that follow- I was reminded of my own childhood and began to make comparisons. Growing up, I had limited access to tv, the internet, phones, and even music. While I was the most sheltered child I know, I... Continue Reading →

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