Tableaus on Social Justice Issues

Assign students into groups paying attention to the number of people you wish to have in each group (the more the merrier in this case). Ask each group to choose a social justice issue and portray the issue using a tableau. Ask them not to say which issue they choose. Once students are ready, they... Continue Reading →


Atom Grouping

Have students walk around the room in all directions. Every 10-15 seconds tell them to get into groups (choose a number of people per group). However, instead of saying "group" say "atoms". Once in their "atoms" of the correct number of people, anybody that has not joined an atom can be welcomed into the center... Continue Reading →

A Tableau Story

Partner student up into pairs. In their pairs, they will begin by shaking hands and mid-shake they will freeze to form their first tableau. Then, one of them will unfreeze and form a new scene with their "still frozen" partner. Students will take turns freezing and unfreezing to form new tableaus until the teacher decides... Continue Reading →

The Asynchronous Counting Game

Students sit in a circle facing outwards with the lights off. Students are to then count up to the same number as the amount of participants asynchronously and randomly. If a number is said by more than one student at the same time than the students are to start over. The point of the game... Continue Reading →

Two Truths and a Lie

Each participant stands in front of the class and says two truths about themselves and one lie, then the class votes on which one is the lie. Benefits: Encourages listening skills Students learn more about their classmates Limitations: If scores are kept, keep in mind that the competition might not be suitable for some groups.... Continue Reading →

Thinking Groups

This is a way of grouping students so that they can share, discuss, and reflect their opinions and perspectives on a topic. First, students are to pair up. Once paired up, the teacher will explain what the students will discuss and reflect on with their partner within a given amount of time. Once the time... Continue Reading →

Lumberjack Warmup (Movement)

  Before You Start: Make sure participants understand the three motions: becoming a tree, chopping down a tree, and having a tree fall. Review when in the game you would perform each motion. Review proper chopping (no touching), as well as proper heckling (no touching or yelling). Play a slow motion practice round. Set Up: Everyone standing in a circle facing... Continue Reading →

Using Elements of Theatre to Transform the Classroom

Our discussion in class today was on ways to utilize the elements of theatre to create a purpose in the classroom which therefore reflects the lesson and then the students. Our professor demonstrated this in our drama class by first playing a specific style of jazz music as we walked in. Because the theatre review... Continue Reading →

Cocktail Hour

Part One: Number class off into four groups and assign each group a corner of the room. Once in their corners, have them sit and close their eyes and visualize something. For example, ask students to visualize a teacher that impacted them in some way (negative or positive) and then come up with adjectives for that... Continue Reading →

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