Weekly Creative Practice: Sound Amplifier

On Friday afternoon, my Mom came into the city for an appointment and dropped by my place afterward. She asked if I would walk around Wascana Lake with her and I happily agreed. We parked in front of the legislative building and with a pumpkin spice latte in my Mom’s hand, and a caramel apple cider swirl in mine, we began our walk around Wascana.

It was a gorgeous day being the last day in September and in the sun it was quite hot. About half way around we stopped to take a break. Our resting place was a bench just off the path. In front of us was around cement platform that appeared to be a lookout. I walked onto it to take a look-see at the lake when I noticed the legislative building way far off in the distance. I had just begun exclaiming to my Mom about how far away we were when suddenly I felt as if my voice was coming from all around me! The look on my face must have been disturbing because my mom froze and asked me if everything was alright. I spoke again and my eyes widened. As I examined the lookout I realized that it was designed to amplify sound! “Whoa! Cool!” I squealed. Because only the person who’s voice was being amplified could hear the amplification, my Mom had no idea what was going on. I motioned for her to come and stand where I was standing and then told her to say something. Eventually, we were both amazed at the hidden gem we had just found.

Here are a few shots of the lookout/amplifier:

From our view on the bench.IMG_1815.JPGIMG_1817.JPG

There were several vents such as this one around the walls of the platform.IMG_1819.JPG

In the center of the floor was also a vent.IMG_1810.JPG


The amplifier works when you stand on top of the vent in the center of the platform and make sound. The vents in the wall must connect to the vent in the middle because it seemed that the sound was collected by the vents in the walls and brought back to the vent in the middle in which the sound was then projected through. It is necessary to stand directly over top of the center vent so that your voice is projected back to you up through that center vent, creating the amplified effect. Neat!


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