Weekly Creative Practice: Gazebo

I pass by a cemetery on my way to school every day. There are many trees within the cemetery and in the fall I admire all the colors of the leaves. This past week, when it snowed and the colors of autumn were no longer there, I noticed a bright red gazebo in the cemetery, right by the road. “Where the heck did that come from?”, I thought to myself as I drove past. Because the cemetery had been so colorful from the leaves, I guess the red gazebo had been camouflaged. Now that the leaves are gone and it has snowed, the red gazebo is evident:





The gazebo was covered in symbols such as the ones above. I have tried translating them but have had no luck. I assume the gazebo itself has some sort of significant value.

Although I’m not sure what exact culture the gazebo comes from or represents, I wonder why this style was chosen and why it is placed at the edge of the cemetery by the road rather than closer to the middle. Either way, it is a beautiful artifact that I will now admire on my trek to school every day!


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