Weekly Creative Practice: Grandma’s Jewelry​ Box

I live with my Grandparents and lately, my Grandma has been going through and organizing some of her things from when she was younger. The other day, while I was eating supper, she brought out my Great Grandma’s (her mom) old jewelry boxes that had been in storage up until now. I have a passion for things that are old and that tell a story so I completely consumed by these jewelry boxes! Below is the top compartment of my Great Grandma’s jewelry box filled with her clip on earrings, pins and brooches, and some hat-pins:


My Grandma said that if I wanted we could take some of the clip-on earrings to a jeweler and have them made into real earrings! I am also thinking about turning some of the pins into pendants for necklaces. Below is the bottom compartment:


In the bottom were some necklaces, a huge pair of feather earrings, and a very fancy magnifying glass. The earrings are quite different from any earrings I have ever seen:


The pearly base is what attaches to the earlobe-wich seems normal-, but unlike today’s earrings where the feathers would dangle down your neck, the feathers on this pair point upwards completely covering your ear! The magnifying glass is also something to be noted:


My Grandma said that women would where fancy magnifying glasses such as this one as necklaces so that they would always be able to read without having to carry around a “regular, ugly” magnifying glass where ever they went. Though I personally wouldn’t use it as a magnifying glass, I would totally wear it as a necklace!

Here is an image of my Great Grandmother’s jewelry box along with one of her old perfume bottles:


I have noticed that the things I notice and blog about usually have some sort of meaning or story behind them. I wonder what I will notice next…


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