Weekly Creative Practice: Ram’s Game

Yesturday, Brook and I went to our first Ram’s game at Mosaic Stadium! While on facebook earlier that day, I saw that the ram’s facebook page had posted about their game later that day. It was their last home game before playoffs and the weather was not too bad so we decided to go. I am glad we did! It was actually way colder than I expected it to be- or maybe it was just me, however, I was wearing about a dozen layers- but it was a great game so bearing the cold was worth it. Here is Brook and I moments before the game was about to begin:


If you’re wondering why we look so funny, it is because the picture was taken on Snapchat and we used a “goat filter”- our way of representing team spirit for the rams I guess. As you can see we were all smiles! Though the game was a “nail biter” with both teams tying up several times throughout the game, we continued smiling and thinking positive thoughts.



During the game, the people sitting in front of us had a pizza delivered to them. Yes, you heard that right. Pizza was delivered to a stadium during a game. I know what I’m doing the next time I go to a sports event, however, Brook and I had not planned that far in advance and left our seats to try and find a burger stand. Unfortunately, the lineups for food at the stadium went on forever so we decided to head back to our seats.

Back at our seats, the smell of pizza from the people in front of us was too much. We promised each other that when there was only 5 minutes left to the game, we would leave the stadium before the rush and go home and order our own pizza.

P.s. we did and it was great!


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