Reading Reflection Strategy

After students have read their assigned readings, assign students to groups of four and provide each group with a piece of paper. Ask students to create 5 different spaces on the paper: 4 spaces will be for each group member to write down their personal reflections of the reading, and one space (probably in the centre) will be for the group to synthesize their reflections. After completion, have each group state their synthesis of the reading and then have a class discussion of the reading.


  • New perspectives from other students
  • Second chance to think about read material
  • Group work


  • Students may not have read the reading


  • Collaborative ideas
  • Students can evaluate their own reflections off of peers


  • During the class previous to this class, test the student’s knowledge on that days reading to see how many students are actually participating in the assigned reading. This will hopefully ensure that all students will have read the readings for the next class.

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