Weekly Creative Practice: Something Fishy

This week, as I was cleaning my betta fish’s bowl, I was struck by how magnificent his colors and fins are! As I watched him swim around his small world- a round glass vase from Micheal’s- his scales glimmered in the light. I was reminded of one of my favorite children’s books from my childhood, Rainbow Fish. If you don’t know who the rainbow fish is, he is a fish with the most beautiful scales. He has scales of many colours but also metalic scales that sparkle and reflect light. Watching my little fishy intently, I realized his scales also refelcted light! Wow!

Meet my fish, Tango:


I had a difficult time capturing the beauty of his scales and colours, however, in this photo I was able to capture the beauty of his fins. Tango is a crowntail betta so his fins are spiky and appear crown-like. My sister claims that he looks freaky, I however, think he looks majestic.

Here is a slightly better picture of his scales:


When taking these picture I had to turn most of the lights in my room off to eliminate glare off the glass. With less lighting, his scales don’t have much to reflect so they aren’t as bright as when more lights are on. Either way, you can definitley notice the sparkle in his scales here- especially where he is blue. I think it looks as if someone took a paint brush and painted him with metalic paint! So pretty! (insert heart eyed emoji icon here*)


Refelction Time:

Reflecting on these past two months, I have noticed that my creative practices ussually include objects that are arts related (gazeebo, sound amplifier) or have some sort of significance to me (grandma’s jewelry box, my fishy). Another thing I have noticed is that I ussually am able to find art related aspects in every object!

Now, here is a picture of my fish when he was grumpy because this blog post is over.   😦

Until next time!




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