Weekly Creative Practice: Plant Addict

These past couple of days have been so warm! I love it! Nonetheless, despite how “summerish” it may feel, the signs of winter can be seen everywhere. Though I do enjoy winter, I hate feeling like a human popsickle stick and watching the greenery around me turn into brownery (is that even a word). However, not all plants die or look dead in the winter. Besides Christmas trees, houseplants tend to stay alive throughout the frozen months of the year- that is if you are an “alright” gardener such as myself (I’d say my thumb is maybe about half green). Either way, I LOVE plants! My mom is an avid gardener and growing up we always had the lushest yard in town. Our home was filled with plants too. Every room that accomodated proper lighting had at least one plant. Because of this, I grew up surrounded with plants and gained a passion for them. Now that I am in University and living in my grandparent’s basement, I have begun a plant collection of my own. Below are all of my plants!


The larger plant in the middle is called a jade plant. I have yet to figure out what the other two are. Below is a close-up of the plant on the left:


I’m unsure of what this little guy is because he came from a small detached leaf that was within a different plant that I had bought. When I bought a cactus (not pictured because it died 😦  ) an odd little leaf from another plant came with. I decided to try and propagate it and  amazingly enough, this guy sprouted from it!


Two more succulants that I don’t know the names of because I propagated them from leaves.


This one is my favorite because he looks so friggen cool! It’s called a snake plant but also known as -and what I prefer- “mother inlaws tongue”!


The big guy is called a “pothos”. I have always wanted a vine and bought him this past summer. The little guy infront is some type of cacti that I propagated from my Grandma’s plant.

I am happy that I have these green buddies (totaly pun intended) to keep me company for when winter comes. As I was watering them today I realized how much I appreciate having plants and having been able to grow up leanring and caring for plants. I believe that humans don’t spend enough time connecting with the outdoors so bringing the outdoors in can be beneficial that way!  I hope to grow my collection (no pun intended) as I learn more about propagating and other plant-related things to continue my obsession with greenery and hopefully one day I will have as much of a green thumb as my Mom!


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