Weekly Creative Practice: Grandparent’s House Treasures

My Grandparent’s house is filled with antique treasure! Even though I see their home as the epitome of a stereotypical “grandparents house”, it is endeniably unique to any other house I have seen. You know how you percieve things differently when you’ve been around them for a long time? While helping my Grandma make supper tonight, I noticed how old the kitchen stove is. Even though I have been cooking with my Grandma with that stove for as long as I can remember, it wasn’t until now that the authenticity caught my eye. And the stove is just the begining. Below are several photos I have taken around my Grandparent’s home!

  1. They have a lot of china cabnets filled with collectors pinwheel crystal, antique collectors china sets, antique silver, royal dolton figurines, and other treasures:

IMG_1952.JPGimg_1949  img_1946

2) Kaiser porcelain collectors plates from Germany can be found hanging on multiple walls throughout the house. Grandma says tht each plate was orginally worth $50! Holy moly!

IMG_1950.JPG     img_1951

3) At the bottom of the staircase is my Great Great Grandma’s sewing machine that still works. Above it hangs a photograph of my Great Great Great Great! Grandparents!! That’s a lot of greats! (Kind of an eerie photo…)img_1943

4) My favorite of all their antiques is their stereo record player!img_1955

However, they do have an (slightly) updated source of music… an old boom box:


5) Here a few more items along with the oven:

My grandparents house has begun to feel more like a museum now that I have realized the authentic treasures it holds. I have appreciated leaning the stories behind some of those treasures and look forward to seeing what other treasures I can find!


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