Weekly Creative Practice: The Frame Above the Door

Before I begin, I would like to quickly reflect on my past weekly creative practices. I have noticed that several of my posts follow either a theme of antiques or artsy structures. I suppose I notice artsy things because of my passion for art. When it comes to antiques, I know that ever since I moved in with my Grandparents I have started noticing many little treasures around their home that I had not payed attention to before.  Today, I have yet again noticing another treasure hidden in plain sight at my Grandparents house…

Last week, when I blogged about antique treasures I found around my Grandparents home, I finished by wondering what other treasures I may find. Well, today while helping my Grandpa change a lightbulb in the chandelier on the landing, the picture above the front door caught my eye. Here is the picture:


Taking a closer look, I relealized that glass of the frame was bubbled. With some research, I found that this kind of frame is quite antique and that the glass is called convex rather than bubbled.


I asked my grandpa what the story was behind this photo and the frame. This is what my Grandpa explained:

The photo and frame belonged to my Great Grandparents who recieved it as a gift after subscribing to a weekly article called “The Weekly Free Press” in the 50’s. Originally, it came as a set of two but my Great Aunt took one and replaced the photo with one of her own paintings. Somewhere down the line, another aunt was passed down the frame and painting and its location is now unknown to my Grandparents. However, after my Great Grandpa passed away and my Great Grandma moved to a smaller house, she passed down the other frame with the original portrait to my Grandma.

Here is a closer picture of the scene within the frame:



Hmmm. Interesting! It’s amazing what you can learn when your not expecting it! Maybe next week I’ll find yet another treasure and learn its story.


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