Weekly Creative Practice: Stairwell Hell

As I was hurrying to class to take an exam on friday, I started my way up the large stairwell in the Education building. While climbing, I happened to look up. I froze midstep as I gazed upwords. Suddenly, my mind compelety forgot about the exam as I was focussed on what was above me. The swirling pattern of the stairs from the main floor to the sixth was mezmerizing. I think I may have actually whispered to myself, “Woah!”. Imedietly I took out my camera to document the experience:

This is the veiw from the main floor looking up the stairwell.


I wondered why I had not noticed this sight before, however, I dont normally walk up stairs with my gaze pointed to the ceiling. Also, Im usually too focused on getting to class to worry about what is happening around me. Nonetheless, and despite my exam, I had decided to take a moment to further explore the stairwell.

My class was on the second floor but I wanted to go higher. I would have liked to take a picture from the sixth floor but my time was limited. Here is a shot from the thrid floor looking down:



After my exam, my mind was more relaxed. As I made my way back down the stairs, the stairwell was a bit fuller. Watching the people making their way up and down the stairs reminded me of the song “The Ants Go Marching”. This then reminded me of a scene from the movie “Bug’s Life” where the ants are marching down into the ground. I began to picture myself as an ant, making my way down, down, down; taking the stairwell over and over again, just like everyone else; stepping through that same spiral pattern from floor to floor, just like everyone else. It is interesting isn’t it? How we can take the same path over and over again and sometimes never realize what that path consists of?



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