My CBSL Experience Reflection!


My Digital Learning Narrative

I can't believe the semester is about to end but I am happy with the knowledge I have gained from this course. An exceeding amount of valuable information and resources has been shared with me by professors, guest speakers, articles, and peers. Before this course, I had not been exposed to the lies within common sensical... Continue Reading →

Pre-Internship Week: Visual Art and Good Byes

I can't believe it. My time with Ms. Hiebert and her grade 7 and 8's has come to an end. I have learned so much from them and I hope the students have learned as much from me. Today was a sad but fun day. I taught my first visual art lesson which was exciting... Continue Reading →

Pre-Internship Week 7: Social Studies and Visual Cues

My goal for this week was going back to the basics. While I still wanted to improve how well I keep students engaged and listening, I also wanted to improve my writing skills on the board. I had Molly take a few pictures of me teaching last week and while looking through them, couldn't help... Continue Reading →

Inuit vs. Eurocentric Mathematics

Oppression and discrimination in Eurocentric teaching practice: While the Indigenous way of life is cyclical with different parts that work together in balance and harmony, the European way of life is linear with one mindset that is always working towards bigger and better things. The way I was taught math directly relates to Eurocentric views-... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Inclusive Learning

3 Thins I Learned: Originally, I hadn't put much thought into the benefits of inclusive classrooms. My understanding was that by being around people of other abilities, students would feel more comfortable with difference. This "comfort" only benefited the disabled students, and that was enough. Boy, was I not getting the full picture. For disabled students,... Continue Reading →

Pre-Internship Week 6: Health and an Over Excited Class

Today was a little crazy. It was one of those days where if it were my own classroom, I would changed our schedule to better suit the energy level of the students. For my lesson, after discussing what self-esteem is and its importance, we signed our names on pieces of paper, crumpled the paper into a... Continue Reading →

Response to The Secret Path

3 Things I Learned: Hearing Chanie Wenjack's story through song fostered a sense of empathy within me that I have never experienced. The sentimental lyrics by Gord Downie and the beautiful yet eerie illustrations by Jeff Lemire create a heart-wrenching story that tells of Canada's darkest moments. Despite hearing countless stories similar to this, The Secret... Continue Reading →

Pre-Internship Day 5: English and Being Disciplinary

So... I decided to challenge myself a bit and have the students debate. Today's lesson was on what a debate is, the format and structure, as well as the skills needed. I used two short video clips to help students get a visual of the setup and created a workbook to help them with their research... Continue Reading →

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