Week 7 (Tiana)

3 Things I Learned: The first thing I learned is that it is good to take risks and make mistakes in order to learn. Yerks (2004) explains,"The mistakes I made in the front of the classroom is when I learned the most... Each mistake was a critical incident in my development and I spent the... Continue Reading →


Week 6 (Tiana)

3 Things I Learned: The first thing I learned was that while I consider myself a conservative individual, I seem to lean towards more democratic educational philosophies such as progressivism, existentialism, and pragmatism. I believe what I believe but am open-minded. Our society is full of diversity whether that be race, religion, or politics and... Continue Reading →

My First Day at Wascana Daycare

I have been having the privilege of volunteering at Wascana Daycare on campus at the U of R. It is one of two daycares on the campus and takes children between the ages of 18 months to 6 years. My initial impressions were fantastic ones! The workers keep at ensuring the environment is calm, natural,... Continue Reading →

Curiculum Development

My understanding of how school curricula are developed before reading: I think, that over time, an accumulation of knowledge and ideas is analyzed, processed, organized and then added to the curriculum-- either replacing or expanding the previous curriculum. This is done by professionals within the Ministry of Education and I am sure that there is a... Continue Reading →

Week 4 Tiana

3 Things I Learned: The first thing I learned from this chapter is that there are multiple ways of reinforcment: verbal reinforcment directed at one's self by another individual, vicarious reinforcment that is observed, or self reinforcment which is regulated by an indivual to themselves and is important in education for both students and teachers... Continue Reading →

How to Teach the People of the Future

Educational Idea: The future of our students is a future that, as teachers, we will have a limited amount of time in. Our students are going to experience things that we never will. To prepare them for such a future, we need to be open to different teaching strategies. Educational Quote: "Don't limit a child... Continue Reading →

The Tyler Rationale: Not all that Rational

Looking back now, I was a tough student to teach-- that is if my teacher had traditional perspectives on how the curriculum was to be developed. I strived to understand my lessons to my greatest ability. Occasionally, however, some things just didn't make sense and I would raise my hand, signaling that I was in need... Continue Reading →

Biological and Cognitive Development (Tiana)

This week we dove into chapters 3 and 8 of  Educational Psychology (Woolfolk, Winne, Perry, 2016). While chapter 3 covered physical and cognitive development, chapter 8 covered the differences between behavioral and cognitive views of learning. Both chapters provided ways in which student's environments, and the people within them, affect their development. 3 Things I... Continue Reading →

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