Finale to Learning Spanish!

I wish I could have made a vlog for this weeks post but my Summary of Learning Project is taking up too much space... Wow! Learning Spanish has been an incredible experience! Not only is it neat to be able to partially speak another language, but because I have experienced so much of Mexico's culture... Continue Reading →


Week 4 of Learning Spanish

This may seem more like week 7 than week 4 but what I may have not mentioned is that each week's lesson has started taking me way longer to learn and I will usually spend 2-3 weeks actually memorizing that weeks lesson, all the while trying to learn the next coming weeks lessons. In other... Continue Reading →

Week 3 of Learning Spanish

Wow is this getting difficult! I am only on the third skill and have learned so much yet I have sooo much more to do! This week was called Basics 2 and I learned plural forms of words along with some more objects and things. I have been having quite the time trying to remember the... Continue Reading →

Week 2 of Learning Spanish

Hey guys! I had no idea how difficult it was to learn a new language, though Duolingo is a breeze, trying to memorize the spelling and pronunciation of some words can be challenging. Though I had originally thought I would be posting a video every week, I may switch to every two weeks as that... Continue Reading →

Why Duolingo?

Learning Spanish with Duolingo has been a breeze. It is easy to use and SO fun! Because it records which words you understand, which words you struggle with, and which words you down right don't understand, the app changes to match your learning level. My favourite aspect of Duolingo is that it records your progress and... Continue Reading →

Week 1 of learning Spanish

  Boy has this learning process been strenuous! From technical difficulties to having to change my learning process altogether, I have had an intense time trying to make this work but alas, things are now coming together! Though I had originally begun my learning project by learning how to tattoo, unfortunately, the process was going by way... Continue Reading →

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