Inuit vs. Eurocentric Mathematics

Oppression and discrimination in Eurocentric teaching practice: While the Indigenous way of life is cyclical with different parts that work together in balance and harmony, the European way of life is linear with one mindset that is always working towards bigger and better things. The way I was taught math directly relates to Eurocentric views-... Continue Reading →


Pre-Internship Day 3: Science and a Warm Heart

I wasn't as nervous today! My communication was much better and I don't think I said "guys" at all and my use of "k" and "okay" was minimal. I still need to work on not saying "k"  but "okay" is proper English so that's ok... (see what I did there). Referring to the students as grade... Continue Reading →

Pre-Internship Day 2: Math and Anxiety

Today I taught my first math lesson. Having been my first lesson taught to real students ever, I was sooooo anxious! Adding math to the situation did not help things. I have felt slightly nauseous the past couple days and barely slept last night but I feel like I am on cloud nine now! My lesson... Continue Reading →

Drawing to Music

GRADE 5 ARTS EDUCATION - Visual Art/Music Lesson Template Lesson Time Required: 50 minutes Required Resources and Materials: Blank Paper Pencils/Pencil Crayons/Markers Speakers or another way to play music Access to a way to play whatever music the students may choose Tables to colour at Grade Level and Conceptual Focus: Grade 5 (Pop Culture) Key... Continue Reading →

Verb Goal

At last! I have finally achieved my goal of memorizing all the verbs that I have learned thus far (sort of). It was challenging and took longer than expected but better late than never, right? Fortunately, I found a helpful tip that sped things up a bit. Here is my attempt at saying all the... Continue Reading →

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