Overall Reflection: Interconnectedness of Knowledge, Schooling, and Society

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this course went! I miss my class at St. Gabriel already but have locked away all the amazing memories and experiences! Here are my students from field experience along with my field partner and myself (apologies for the upsidedowness):



During my fieldwork, I found that as the weeks past, the core questions broadened. Because of this, my understanding of education was also broadened as I was expanding my knowledge through working to answer the core questions. The further I went in my field work, the more I had to think. For example, I previously had never thought about the significance of having a good school and community connection, but now, I get that the school and community need to support one another! We also discussed topics such as diversity, inclusion, curriculum, and technology; all of which are necessary to have a good understanding of as future educators.

I found myself connecting to the topics, experiences and assignment quite a bit. In my ECMP class, we learned of many technological tools to be used in the classroom and this helped for me to better understand how technology is increasingly changing the way students learn. It was neat to see what tools are actually being used in real classrooms and how effective and efficient they are. In respect to diversity, it was interesting to be back in an elementary environment, getting to experience what diversity looks like amongst the youngsters. All of these experiences were beneficial in giving me a taste of modern teaching! I still have so many questions and look forward to what lies ahead in my journey. I am curious to see what a real inclusive classroom looks like and how it works! I wonder how it will feel to actually teach a class! I want to learn teaching tactics!

Three goals I have set for myself are:


1) Build more relationships with other educators and future educators

2) Don’t hold back from asking questions

3) Remeber to discuss topics important to me


I have chosen these goals because I think they will improve me as a future educator and also because they help me to build my portfolio!

Finally, thank you to everyone who was apart of this journey with me! It has been an experience I will never forget!